Blade and soul how many character slots

blade and soul how many character slots

How many do you start off with in the Korean server and could you get more? 9 character slots? - General Discussion. 5 - 6 character slots seem OK to me at least. But I also don't plan on creating 14 characters xD I would get really lost if I did lol! I think, too, that. Are there any "official plans" to add more character slots to an account? (I don't There are so many mutually beneficial (both for the company and for the Oh and for comparison Blade & Soul released with 2 slots and has 7.


MUGEN無限格鬥 Tutorial: How To Add Character Slots To Mugen 1.0【150Slots】

Blade and soul how many character slots - Mit Poker

Check the Discord servers list. Notes optional; required for "Other": SPOILERS For spoilers in comments, please use the proper spoiler tag. How many character slots do you get? Or even 3 in EU and 3 in US? Sep 4th5: You will obey moderator warnings. Guides You will not create any threads on the Guides board that could not be considered guides. So they're doing something about the hands of xanos. Ad blocker interference detected!

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